Saturday, 15 November 2014

Whats Hot this year

Each year brings its own surprises . In our industry its very difficult to anticipate what will be popular from one Christmas to the next . Photo gifts is big business with a  lot of players but it does seem that the general public do follow particular trends .
A few years ago it was photo mugs and it seemed you guys out there couldn't get enough of them 1000's are still sold each year and apart from fun gifts they make great adverts . If you are in business look at it like this you can give a customer a card and it gets stuffed in a drawer, but if they have a mug with your company printed on it then that's displayed every time they have a cuppa . But back to Christmas gifts and what's popular last year it was defiantly photo pillowcases
i think mainly due to so many overseas postings for military guys and girls, i guess family members sent these to give them loving reminders of home. I'm sure sleeping with a soft photo of your loved ones were a great comfort for those missing home. 
So what is it this year well its a couple of things 
Cushions are always a favourite
But i think the trend is moving more towards the designed themed cushion rather than plain picture on a cushion type thing i think the public taste has matured some what 
we defiantly get asked for pictures framed rather than just slapped on a cushion but the surprise for this year is without doubt , Photo lamp shades 

we are getting more and more orders for these this year and its looking like a bumper lampshade year 
happy buying :)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

christmas is getting closer

Christmas is getting ever closer are you at a loss for gift ideas , We have fantastic gift ideas here
How original a gift is that ! or what about a photo Cushion
And for stocking fillers or secret santas theres Photo Mugs
These are just some of the great photo gift ideas buy online or why not come to our shop and see us
Purple Dragon Dew street Haverfordwest

01437 766211

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Its getting closer and its getting busy

So Its Saturday its wet, its windy, and thats just me !! .
The christmas rush is well underway
The world is a strange place and what we find is that for some odd reason everyone seems to sync in what they choose for gifts . Let me explain 3 years ago i stocked up mainly on ceramic mugs as i predicted that they would be popular that year 
I was right it seemed the whole world had gone photo mug crazy , so the following year thinking i was clever i stocked up once more on mugs . "i wasnt gonna be caught out ha!" How wrong could i be it seemed the worlds love affair with photomugs had come to an end . now you all wanted photo cushions.
And this wasnt just for our firm it seemed all the suppliers had ran out of the premade cushions it seemed the same for every one how odd!

So the general public are showing to be a worthy adversary , what would their next move be? this is now turning into a game of chess which move should i predict next will it be cushions once more will it be one of our more obscure products ? mean while i had introduced a new product photo pillow cases
Ohhh you clever clever people while my eye was set firmly on mugs cushions etc little did i know there was about to be an explosion of popularity in Photo pillowcases

So this year we are happy to announce we have an abundance of stock in Photo mugs, Cushions now made to order and pillowcases and we are busy printing plenty of all of them im certainly not going to be caught out this year , no sir not me not at all ha got it covered .
anyway must get back to my new line in photo lamp shades they seem to be growing in popularity all of a sudden !!!!!!

Friday, 7 November 2014

The impossible we can do miracles take a little longer!

So this isnt so much a moan (but it can be !!) but more advice . As you may well have gathered here at we produce all manner of photo gifts from photo mugs

 to pillowcases
and time and time again we are faced with the same problem . Poor quality pictures!
So Imagine the scenario, you have taken that killer cute shot you know it would look good on a photo cushion   so you get on your computer buy the cushion from us here at  then for some odd reason you decide to shrink the picture down to send us the image and then expect it to look as good as when you took the picture .

So you are hoping for this 
you send us this
which results in this 
Its a common error some email servers will not allow large files we at mybiggerpicture have a file upload system with a back up of a share file system to combat this so theres no need to shrink your images down before sending them to us . so theres no need to shrink the file size of your image . sometimes you may want to send us a shot thats slightly blurrey often this can be because its the only picture you have of that subject but please remember you can not un blur a picture 
we have put together some helpful tips to make sure you get the best out of your photo gifts  i hope these will help get the best out of your gift experience from us here .

The Two Thirds Rule:Put the horizon in your picture on the line of the top or bottom third of the picture so the foreground or the sky will take up two thirds of the shot.  This will give the best possible picture!

Using your flash:Experiment with using your flash. Don't be afraid to use the flash even outdoors.  This can avoid dark shadows and brightens up faces on those cloudy days. However, pointing the flash straight at your subject can also give your photos a flat quality because the flash minimises shadows. Experiment by pointing the flash away from the subject to bounce off a wall or ceiling. There are also times when you could forget about using your automatic flash and instead use available or natural light, even in low-light situations for a moody effect.

Reducing Red Eye:If you find your flash photos are often afflicted with "red-eye", you might find minimising it is as simple as using a red-eye-reduction setting on your camera.

Pet Pics:When taking snaps of your pets, try and get down to their eye level to get the best pics of your fluffy friends!

Unposed:Mybiggerpicture is all about  treasuring those memories and sometimes the unposed shots are best at capturing the true smiles. Don’t get your subject to say cheese, try to say something funny to make them laugh naturally. Keep your camera with you at all times, you never know when you might need it!

Reducing the Blur:Holding your camera steady whilst taking a picture will reduce the chance of blur. Tuck your elbows in and hold your camera firmly close to your face. Take a deep breath and squeeze the shutter very gently.

Borders:If you are using a close up, please remember we need at least ½cm on each edge on our sewn products for a border.

And remember the better quality picture you send us the better the result!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Well what a change in weather from yesterday its horrible n wet here in Pembrokeshire umbrellas at the ready . Bonfire night was lovly crisp and clear , thanks to the guys who put on the firworks display at llys y fran country park an enjoyable evening and plenty of stunning photos taken .

Welcome to the first entry of my blog on blogger! I do hope you find it interesting and humorous.
I wont deny i am a business and yes i will probably unashamedly promote my business but thats what its all about isnt it ?
 Blatent plug
See  i just cant help it but now thats out the way let me introduce myself . i am Brett owner of we are based in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire and beautiful doesnt seem to be a word that quite covers it. Hope fully my blog will be full of funny stories , serious subjects and a peppering of telling you what new items we sell . I hope you will follow our blog it will get better honest !